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We are conveniently located within a mile of the Michigan International Speedway.

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Contact Us for Grooming/Boarding

Hollywood Pets Grooming & Pet Resort

13250 Taylor Rd.
Brooklyn, Michigan 49230
(517) 592-6699

Grooming by appointment only.
Please call to schedule your appointment.


Services offered and pricing

Unlike other salons, we do not add an additional charge for special shampoo that your pet’s skin might need, or could benefit from. We use what we feel would be most beneficial for your dog or cat’s skin.  We have a full line of specifically formulated shampoos designed for several coat conditions. Oatmeal, Medicated, Skin Remedy, Hypoallergenic, Dandruff, Argon Oil, Conditioner, and a Deep Clean shampoo. All of these options are already included in your pets grooming.  HOWEVER, if it is found that your pet has fleas, it will be given a flea bath immediately, as to not risk those pesky critters finding a new home on another pet. The additional fee for a flea bath is $5.00 for a small animal, and $10 for a large animal.

*  Please note that all prices listed here are starting prices. The actual price may vary depending on the needs/condition of your pet.

Dog packages

We have two options:

Option #1 is our B ‘n B  (Bath and Brush out). This option includes:

  • Bath with shampoo that is best suited to your dog’s skin condition
  • Glands checked/expressed as needed
  • Blow Dry
  • Nail Trim
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Brush Out
  • Face, feet, and sanitary trim/neaten

Option #2 is our Full Groom package. This option includes:

  • Bath with shampoo that is best suited to your dog’s skin condition
  • Glands checked/expressed as needed
  • Blow Dry
  • Brush out
  • Haircut/style of your choosing
  • Nail Trim
  • Ears Cleaned

#1 Bath ‘n Brush

#2 Full Groom

Toy breed: *$30 *$40
Miniature breeds: *$35 *$45
Large breed with SHORT hair: *$45 *$60
Large breed with LONG hair: *$60 *$60
Extra Large breed: *$65 *$75

Nail trims that are not part of a grooming package are $10, by appointment only

Yes, we groom cats too!

Help your kitty stay happy and healthy with a bath that includes a shampoo specifically selected by our staff to be best suited to your cat’s needs.​

Bath Includes:

  • Specially selected shampoo best suited for your cat’s skin condition

  • Blow Dry

  • Nail Trim

  • Ears Cleaned

  • Brush Out

We have three options for cats, since sometimes a bath is too stressful for them:

#1 Bath and Brush

#2 Haircut, with NO bath

#3 Full Groom (bath and haircut)

*$40-$50 *$40 *$60




Our boarding facility is attached to our home.  That means our watchful eyes are on the health and emotional status of your pet 24/7. We have a total indoor climate controlled pet boarding facility designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind.

We have indoor/outdoor runs available, individual outdoor spaces/runs for pet’s who do not play well with others, as well as plans for an expansive, secure dog recreation area. We also have a large covered area for those yucky rainy days, so your dogs can still enjoy outdoor time, while staying dry and comfortable.

Click here to access our forms/paperwork.

HollywoodBrits – Our British Shorthair Cats

Jasmine Amadeiro

Learn more about British Shorthair breed characteristics by clicking here.

See the latest news on our HollywoodBrits Facebook page by clicking here.

Our Cats

We love our British Shorthair cats, and would love to introduce them to you! Click on the links below (in blue text) to see more information about each cat.

Our Kings (males):

Ginger Loving Soul (cinnamon)

Illinois Amadeiro (blue)

Our Queens (females):

Orange Pekoe*RU Wendy (blue tortie)

Jasmine Amadeiro (black tortie)

Bounty Love Bellissima (lilac)

Kittens for Sale:

When we have kittens available, they will be posted on our For Sale page, click here.

Make sure to watch our Facebook page, HollywoodBrits, people love our kittens so much that we don’t always get a chance to post them on our sale page.